picoG is made freely available under the MIT open source license, in order for it to be accessible to everyone.

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This project was launched via a mashup of another crazy idea of Jim Kring, some brilliant brainstorming with NatanBiesmans, and the C++/Microcontroller/LabVIEW/Software wizardry of Derrick Bommarito.

Click here to see all our contributors on GitHub.

We’re hoping to add others to the team, so join the discussion if you’re interested!

Our Mission

At picoG we make graphical (G Dataflow) programming accessible to everyone and deployable to any device or platform.

Right now, we’re working on PicoG Desktop which allows you to deploy LabVIEW G Web VIs to the Raspberry Pi Pico.

Our Sponsors and Supporters

We’d like to thank our sponsors and supporters for making picoG possible.

JKI is a lead sponsor of picoG, supporting our logo design, web hosting, and application distribution.

NI has generously open-sourced Vireo (a compact parallel execution runtime for a subset of LabVIEW), which picoG has ported to run on microcontrollers.